Inspiring. Challenging. Sending.

Current Series


We were created by God to be successful but so often we face obstacles that test our faith and our resilience.  We were made to thrive, not just in times of calm but under difficult situations.  The key to our success begins with learning how to remain planted even when we are under pressure!

When we think of the cause of Missions and Missionaries, we mostly say they must be fearless or have no fear to do what they do. That is not the case! Missionaries are human too…they experience fear…they fight the devices of fear just like you and I do. WE ARE ALL MISSIONARIES and are called via the great commission!! Becoming Fearless is not the absence of fear, it is how we act or react to those fears that we do face. Do we rise above them and allow Christ to be our strength?? Or do we crumble and falter from the weight of fear because we forget that our strength is in Christ? Currently, our WORLD faces a global pandemic, economic decline, and racial injustice…many are crippled by fear at this time. As Christians, we must RISE above our fears and boldly try new ways to reach the lost and to truly love our neighbor.

I Am

Never before in human history has there been a greater appetite for nonessentials!  Never before, has there been a lack of hunger for the things that matter most.  Only when we recognize that Jesus…THE I AM…does not wish to be one of many, can we experience spiritual fullness from the one who is exclusively the Bread Of Life!


Let’s face it, sometimes we find ourselves struggling to make sense of life, of losses, of let downs.  For most of us there are questions that we just can’t seem to find the answers.  For others it is a dream that has been shattered.  The good news is that we are not alone.  More good news, Jesus Christ came out of the grave so that no matter what we are facing, we can have an unshakeable faith, not in a creed but the living Christ. If Jesus Christ could conquer death then anything is possible.  Believe!


What do you make of a good God who seems to allow bad things to happen to good people?  Every one of us will have our moments when our faith is tested. This is where faith is formed and obedience is settled. It is in the crucible of darkest nights that we often experience our greatest encounter with the God who is always present. 


Everyone dreams of a breakout or breakthrough moment when something happens that is bigger, better, higher in impact…. just flat out amazing.  The challenge is most of the times, hope fizzles not for trying but for lack of finding the right connection, the right team, the right tension, the right relationships or in a word synergy.  Jesus Christ came not so we could merely self-exist, but that we would experience something amazing when we finally find the missing keys!  In 2020 Synergy is about next level success!

The Thrill of Hope

It is Christmas again!  Sometimes we wonder if it is even worth all the hassles of shopping and the stress of trying to find the perfect gift.  What if this Christmas we refocused on the true meaning of the season and the one gift that matters most?  Two thousand years ago, the gift was the baby…. not just another baby, but God all wrapped in simple clothes, lying in a manger.  If there is one gift the world needed then and now, it is hope.  It is Christmas and there is still time to unwrap the thrill of hope.

How to Handle the Pressure

We are the same.  All of us are facing pressures of one kind or another.  So often we allow our pressures to push us away from our destination and our destiny.  God intended for us to triumph over our circumstances.  Pressure is often an indication that you are closer to your miracle. Let’s find out how you can get a handle on the pressure.

Family Strong

When things are right, there is probably no sweeter word: Family!  Everyone dreams of the perfect family, however so often we come up short.  God knew that we would and that is why He left us a manual and the Holy Spirit to guide us.  Let us check it out and find out what it means to be FAMILY STRONG!


For starters, the story of Jonah strikes many of us as “fishy!”  A guy named Jonah, running in the wrong direction.  A ship almost overwhelmed by huge waves.  Jonah swallowed by a big fish. “I’m sorry God.” God: “let’s try this again.  Jonah: “I ‘can’t believe you are letting them get away with murder.”  Jesus talked about the story and now it’s our turn to watch the waves and learn some vital life lessons from the life of Jonah.

Smack Down

The slaying of the giant Goliath by David was the legendary smack down…that is until Jesus obliterated death three days after it seemed he was permanently smacked down to the grave.  Because of his victory over death, we now have “smackdown” power and authority. Jesus defeated the ultimate Goliath.  Discover the power of the Holy Spirit and discover how giants fall.