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Current Series

How to Handle the Pressure

We are the same.  All of us are facing pressures of one kind or another.  So often we allow our pressures to push us away from our destination and our destiny.  God intended for us to triumph over our circumstances.  Pressure is often an indication that you are closer to your miracle. Let’s find out how you can get a handle on the pressure.

Family Strong

When things are right, there is probably no sweeter word: Family!  Everyone dreams of the perfect family, however so often we come up short.  God knew that we would and that is why He left us a manual and the Holy Spirit to guide us.  Let us check it out and find out what it means to be FAMILY STRONG!


For starters, the story of Jonah strikes many of us as “fishy!”  A guy named Jonah, running in the wrong direction.  A ship almost overwhelmed by huge waves.  Jonah swallowed by a big fish. “I’m sorry God.” God: “let’s try this again.  Jonah: “I ‘can’t believe you are letting them get away with murder.”  Jesus talked about the story and now it’s our turn to watch the waves and learn some vital life lessons from the life of Jonah.

Smack Down

The slaying of the giant Goliath by David was the legendary smack down…that is until Jesus obliterated death three days after it seemed he was permanently smacked down to the grave.  Because of his victory over death, we now have “smackdown” power and authority. Jesus defeated the ultimate Goliath.  Discover the power of the Holy Spirit and discover how giants fall.

Easter 2019

Sometimes we lose sight of the things that we desperately need because we are distracted by our fears, our disappointments or our pain.   Easter represents the start of something new.  However in order to find it, we must be willing to fight the temptation to focus on the wrong things. Resist the temptation to give up.  The Resurrected Christ is still worth finding.  You will be surprised to find that He is closer than you ever dreamed.

Leadership Challenge 2019

Capital Community Church is pleased to present the Leadership Challenge Weekend.  Our Senior Pastor Chester L. Mitchell will be joined by the Dynamic Pastor Akil Thompson for a time of refocusing on God’s vision for CCC and accepting the challenge of being a part of an amazing team that is excited about being a part of God’s amazing story of lives changed by the Holy Spirit.

Master Mind

Have you ever tried to fix something, only to give up in frustration?  All of us can relate. What happens when that something is inside of our head….in our minds.  God realized that we were all born with the need to have our minds rewired.  The good news is that Jesus Christ has the answer to our challenges and it all starts with the rewiring of the mind. Sometimes we all feel like giving up.  Don’t!  It’s time to meet the MasterMind.

Simply Jesus

For many, the Jesus of the Bible has seemly gone missing!  We grew up hearing about the Jesus who was totally perfect but everywhere he went, he attracted imperfect people.  He was straight up honest about why it was better to stop sinning.  But the masses found his messages profound and simply irresistible.  They loved him, and he loved them back.  He offered hope when the religious people offered only damnation.  Join us as we rediscover that original Jesus and find out what he has to say to us…plain and simple!

Now What?

There is a false narrative about faith that leads some to believe that it is the easy way for weak people. This type of thinking misses the essence of true faith.  Faith requires perseverance under pressure.  There is no room for passivity.  Whatever challenge we are facing, faith calls us to act boldly. The question is: Now what?

CHRISTMAS: A Story Of Surprises

Surprise!  Think of all the times we have heard that word and what followed was heartbreaking, or shockingly awful.  Let’s face it, there are some surprises we wish we could have missed.  However God had something creative in mind that first Christmas, something beautiful, better yet…He had someone so special he wanted the world to meet.  It was the gift of Himself, all wrapped up in the tenderness of a baby.  That was His first surprise but this Christmas; He invites us into His enchanting story, filled with surprises.