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Current Series

Master Mind

Have you ever tried to fix something, only to give up in frustration?  All of us can relate. What happens when that something is inside of our head….in our minds.  God realized that we were all born with the need to have our minds rewired.  The good news is that Jesus Christ has the answer to our challenges and it all starts with the rewiring of the mind. Sometimes we all feel like giving up.  Don’t!  It’s time to meet the MasterMind.

Powerful Surrender

It does not feel right to connect power with surrender.  However, that is the point.  God has always operated contrary to conventional thinking.  Over and over again, God seems to take great joy in taking what seems like a negative and turning it into a positive.  That is what made Easter possible.  Beginning with Jesus, every resurrection miracle was ignited by a powerful Good Friday Surrender. Your powerful Easter story is waiting for your total surrender.  The next move is yours. 

22nd Anniversary Celebration

For 22 years, Capital Community Church has been blessed by God’s supernatural hand.  Our church began on Easter Sunday 1996 as a church plant which was led by our senior leaders, Pastor Chester and First Lady Marion Mitchell.  Year after year, mile after mile and miracle after miracle we have seen God work in the lives of people.  We believe that our best stories are ahead of us and remain rooted in the God of our past.  With our eyes fixed on distant horizons, we pause here and now to say thank you to God and countless heroes for our incredible story… We Remember! 

Educators Appreciation Sunday

Capital Community Church is pleased to host Educators Appreciation Sunday.   They are the heroes among us.  We call them teachers.  They inspire us, stretch our imaginations and call greatness out of us. 

Leadership Challenge

Capital Community Church is pleased to present the Leadership Challenge Weekend.  Our Senior Pastor Chester L. Mitchell will be joined by the Dynamic Pastor Akil Thompson for a time of refocusing on God’s vision for CCC and accepting the challenge of being a part of an amazing team that is excited about being a part of God’s amazing story of lives changed by the Holy Spirit. 

Love Is

If there is one word that gets tossed around in the culture, it is loveHowever what is true love?  Is it just an emotion?  Is it just a fuzzy feeling that lasts for one night of passion? Perhaps love is something that we can only discover when we meet the one who is the embodiment of love.  Love is ……. let’s fill in the blank from God’s perspective. 


Your mind is the final frontier . . . It’s a place of your wildest dreams and unending God-inspired ideas. But so often you find yourself shackled within the prison of lies, letdowns and your own limitations. 2018 could be your greatest year ever when you connect with the God who longs to fulfill those dreams and big ideas. And the journey begins when you dare to imagine.

Finish Strong

The end of a year often finds us in a reflective and sometimes a remorseful mood.  January 2017 still seems like it was a few weeks ago.  However here we are in December facing a new year and yet not sure that we are up for another run.  As we prepare for 2018, God seeks to use the end of a year and the coming of a new year to remind us that we still have an opportunity to finish strong and accomplish his great plan for our lives.  Finish Strong!

Magesty in the Manger

Sometimes the best gifts are found in the most unexpected places!  It is Christmas and this year we will wander again through the shopping malls and browse online with the dream of finding the ultimate gift.  This Christmas could be our opportunity to take the journey and just like the wise men, discover that God has something special waiting for each of us.  Majesty in the Manger!


Confront your demons, slay your giants, face down your fears and get a death grip on the negativity of your past. You were never meant to be a victim—You are an overcomer. During this series of messages, we will wrestle with some of the issues that we all face... comparison, guilt, and the fear of failure. The good news is that through Christ you are an overcomer.


It's more than a label or following the rules. It's not simply going to church or adopting a religion. It's a relationship. An insatiable thirst for a daily encounter with God.  An experience that leaves you wanting more. A desire and desperation that takes you deeper. Are you ready? Ready to dive deep into discovering what an authentic relationship with Jesus looks like? Ready to experience the unbounded love of a Savior? We're diving deep together!