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Sep 09, 2018 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell


Clinical Psychology has identified one of the factors that negatively affect human beings.  It is the fear of being alone!  How do you explain that in a world that is ultra-connected by technology we are still lonely?  When Jesus Christ told His followers that He was leaving, He promised them that the Holy Spirit would be their constant companion.  God’s desire is that you will discover the amazing benefits that the Holy Spirit has to offer.

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Think about the following: the stock market, the political climate, race relations and family relationships.  They all have one thing in common.  So often, they are unsettled.  We just want things to settle down. We long for a time, a solid place, where things are settled in spite the uncertainties of the world around us.  Jesus Christ came so that we could have a faith that settles our hearts in an unsettled world.

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