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Jan 26, 2020 | Pastor Terrence Bridges


When Jesus initially called His disciples to follow Him, He promised to transform them into fishers of men who caught people for God. A major part of this transformation is changing their mindsets from being consumers of this world into being investors in the business of God. Jesus invested and invited all into the Kingdom of God. Now, we get a chance to synergize with Him in becoming Investors Who Invite!

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Everyone dreams of a breakout or breakthrough moment when something happens that is bigger, better, higher in impact…. just flat out amazing.  The challenge is most of the times, hope fizzles not for trying but for lack of finding the right connection, the right team, the right tension, the right relationships or in a word synergy.  Jesus Christ came not so we could merely self-exist, but that we would experience something amazing when we finally find the missing keys!  In 2020 Synergy is about next level success!

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