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Powerful Surrender

Apr 08, 2018 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell


All of us at one time or another have done something sinful and thought, what in the world was I thinking.  Sometimes we wonder if we have gone too far, or if we have committed the unpardonable sin.  The story of the prodigal son is that God has been waiting to throw a big party for prodigals who come home.

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It does not feel right to connect power with surrender.  However, that is the point.  God has always operated contrary to conventional thinking.  Over and over again, God seems to take great joy in taking what seems like a negative and turning it into a positive.  That is what made Easter possible.  Beginning with Jesus, every resurrection miracle was ignited by a powerful Good Friday Surrender. Your powerful Easter story is waiting for your total surrender.  The next move is yours. 

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