Out With the Old, In With the New

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Simply Jesus

Jan 06, 2019 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell

Out With the Old, In With the New

Most often when the word, church is mentioned we think about a location, a denomination or a particular type.  Just what was it that Jesus had in mind when he talked about His church?  2019 could be the year where we stop going to and start becoming.  Jesus Christ launched a movement to change the world. Discover where you fit in!

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For many, the Jesus of the Bible has seemly gone missing!  We grew up hearing about the Jesus who was totally perfect but everywhere he went, he attracted imperfect people.  He was straight up honest about why it was better to stop sinning.  But the masses found his messages profound and simply irresistible.  They loved him, and he loved them back.  He offered hope when the religious people offered only damnation.  Join us as we rediscover that original Jesus and find out what he has to say to us…plain and simple!

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