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Oct 14, 2018 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell


Undoubtedly, historians will look back at our times and note that we lived in an age of upheaval.  Think about all the things that we thought would always be around.  Whether it be our favorite clothing store, or a company that we thought would survive no matter what, or a relationship that eventually crumbled under the weight of crisis.  The fact is, we long for something solid. We want to know that someone or something will still be there after everything settles.

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Think about the following: the stock market, the political climate, race relations and family relationships.  They all have one thing in common.  So often, they are unsettled.  We just want things to settle down. We long for a time, a solid place, where things are settled in spite the uncertainties of the world around us.  Jesus Christ came so that we could have a faith that settles our hearts in an unsettled world.

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