Winning the Battle in My Mind

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Master Mind

Mar 03, 2019 | Pastor Chester L. Mitchell

Winning the Battle in My Mind

In a culture where success is often relegated to externals, it is amazing that so many people struggle with thoughts of fear, depression, anxiety and the list goes on and on. Winning everywhere is losing, if we lose the battle in our minds.  Jesus Christ came so that all of us could win the most important battle…. the fight that happens in the mind.  No matter what you are facing, God’s victory is yours for the thinking. 

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Have you ever tried to fix something, only to give up in frustration?  All of us can relate. What happens when that something is inside of our head….in our minds.  God realized that we were all born with the need to have our minds rewired.  The good news is that Jesus Christ has the answer to our challenges and it all starts with the rewiring of the mind. Sometimes we all feel like giving up.  Don’t!  It’s time to meet the MasterMind.

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